Andrea Menard x Marc Bhalla academic collaboration.     Exploring how to be an authentic ally to Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island.     An Indigenous and non-Indigenous connection.     Established 2021.

Does it cost anything to join your Book Club?

There is no cost of registration or to attend book club meetings. You will need to access the books featured in the club though, many are offered in a variety of formats (paperback, e-book, etc.) and some are available at the library. We do offer a book subscription service if you would prefer to have Book Club books delivered to you.

Do I have to attend every Book Club meeting?

No. As a member of our Book Club, we will let you know when meetings are taking place and you are welcome to attend those that you can.

Do I have to read the book in full before the Book Club meeting?

No. You will be exposed to book spoilers at meetings though, and invited to contribute to discussions about the book, so are encouraged to if you can.

Do you accept book suggestions?

Yes, but please keep in mind that we plan our book selections long in advance so it may be some time until your suggestion is presented.

Where do meetings take place?

Our Book Club meetings take place online. Members are sent the meeting link in advance and can join us from anywhere they are in the world.