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Myrna is a Métis lawyer from Green Lake in Treaty Six territory and the host of "The Trauma-Informed Lawyer" Podcast.

Prior to founding Miyo Pimatisiwin Legal Services in 2019, Myrna served as an adjudicator in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement claims process, and Crown Prosecutor with the Ministry of the Attorney General in Saskatchewan.

When she is not visiting with her three grandchildren, educating or podcasting, Myrna is advising, advocating, or conducting workplace investigations and reviews.

In 2020, the Federal Department of Justice awarded Myrna their first ever Excellence in Legal Practice and Victim Support Award. She lives in North Vancouver, B.C.


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Myrna McCallum (She/Her) | Métis Lawyer | Grandmother | Podcaster | Global Educator | Healer of Generational Trauma | The Trauma-Informed Lawyer Podcast