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Helen Flamand is a proud woman from the Piikani Nation in Southern Alberta and attended the University of Lethbridge with a background in Management. Helen has been involved in the justice field for over 35 years in such capacities as Court worker (criminal, family & youth) & Court work Supervisor with Native Counseling Services of Alberta, Siksika Justice and T’suu T’ina Nation.  She was also an investigator with Bigstone Child & Family Services for 5 years, Director of a 10-bed open custody young offender’s facility in Bigstone and is currently the Special Projects Coordinator with Bigstone Justice in Wabasca, AB. 

Helen has sat on many Boards of Director such as Legal Aid appeals committee, John Howard Society, Elizabeth Fry Society, Sik-Oooh-Kotoki Friendship Centre and the Alberta Native Friendship Centre’s Association.

Helen was called as an expert witness on Residential Schools and Sentencing Circles at the Queen’s bench level, was a regular presenter at the University of Calgary Law Faculty as well as the Criminology Department at Mount Royal College.

Recently, Helen has presented on Restorative Justice at the University of Calgary Law Faculty, to the Provincial Court/Queen’s Bench judges and to the Bigstone Cree Nation managers.

Helen is passionate about Restorative Justice and how healing through traditional justice can work for our Indigenous communities.  At a personal level, Helen has completed her 4 years of Sundance and has many cultural rites passed on to her from her Elders & ceremonial teachers.

Helen is currently the Coordinator for Bigstone Justice working towards a strategic plan that will include: an on-Reserve Courthouse, a Healing to Wellness court model, Peace Officer/Bush Ranger program, Court worker program, Policing & Bylaws, Section 81 & 84 release program, and a HUB program that will enable all Nation entities to work together with crisis clients.  A strategic plan that is made in Bigstone for Bigstone!