Andrea Menard x Marc Bhalla academic collaboration.     Exploring how to be an authentic ally to Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island.     An Indigenous and non-Indigenous connection.     Established 2021.

Indigenous Law Must Be Recognized To Achieve True Reconciliation


Decolonization is a crucial process in Canadian jurisprudence, as it involves recognizing and addressing the harm caused by colonialism and the ongoing impacts of past injustices on Indigenous peoples. One important aspect of this process is the need for education and training for lawyers, judges, and academics on the history of past and present-day colonialism, as well as the principles of Indigenous law and how to apply it to decision-making. This education and training is crucial for the reconciliation and recognition for the decolonization of Canadian jurisprudence and the awareness that Indigenous law is equal to that of common and civil law across this country.

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Decolonizing the Post-Secondary System: Embracing Indigenous Ethics in Academia


As an Indigenous academic and sessional instructor, I have observed firsthand the lack of exposure to understanding and applying Indigenous ethics in the post-secondary spheres, particularly in the areas of curriculum design, facilitation, data collection, and communication with Indigenous communities. This lack of understanding and application can be detrimental to efforts towards decolonization and reconciliation.

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What's Right With This Picture?

Marc:  I took this photo after coming across a billboard parked along a highway. I then photoshop-vandalized it to hide the identity of the person in it, their contact information and company. Liability protection, yes, but this is not only about the individual responsible for the marketing campaign. It is about the sentiment behind it. What do you think about it, Andrea?

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Full Circle

The first work of Dr. Norma Dunning that I ever read was within Drew Hayden Taylor’s Me Tomorrow book compilation. Future We In-U-Wee struck me as unique and powerful. It presented differently than the rest of contributions in the collaboration, and that extends to include other books in the “Me” series. I did not know much about Dr. Dunning before reading her poem but would be lucky enough to learn more about her over the course of this year.


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Hallowed Progress?

Ah, Halloween. The day that erases all reconciliation progress made each year.

Could it be different this year?

I recently found myself on the Spirit of Halloween website, searching the various offensive terms I have come across to describe "costumes" in the past...

They rendered no results!

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