"Non-Indigenous academics should be aware that their goal - if they want to work toward decolonization, economic justice, and emanicpation - is first the modification of non-Indigenous behaviour." - Professor Robert Hamilton, Writing on Indigenous Rights

*** Marc Bhalla makes no claims of being Indigenous ***

Marc Bhalla was born in Hong Kong and moved to Turtle Island in 1981.

An uninvited guest and immigrant, Marc is biracial.

Marc with his relations in India (1996)

While often white passing, Marc has never been able to identify as white. He is proud of his East Indian heritage... including the cuisine!

Raised on the land of the Mississaugas of the Credit, Marc grew up to become a mediator, arbitrator, writer and professor.

He is a proud product of the public school system, though is honest and vocal about the lack of education he received about Indigenous Peoples and colonialism.

Marc has a master's degree in law but is not a lawyer. He often works with lawyers as he collaborates, adjudicates and teaches, though.

Marc contributes to the Authentic Allyship Project by drawing on the perspective of a non-Indigenous person, with limits of understanding and a genuine interest in learning and offering support.

As an Academic Partner of the Authentic Allyship Project, Marc has guest lectured at Andrea Menard's Reconciliation and Lawyers class at the University of Calgary, co-developed and taught In Search of Reconciliation Through Dispute Resolution at Osgoode Hall Law School and spoke at The Meaning of Reconciliation to Legal Professionals at the Canadian Bar Association's Alberta Branch.

He supports the Moose Hide Campaign and fasted in observance of the 2023 Moose Hide Campaign Day on May 11, 2023.


Marc is proud of his collection of shirts from The Rez Life - an Indigenous clothing and lifestyle brand that he promotes*

* Marc has permission from The Rez Life to promote their brand and does so because he believes in it.

Marc is grateful to attend events in-person and online at the Barrie Native Friendship Centre as an aspiring ally with so much to learn.

DJ Marcy B (he/him)

Growing up, Marc worked as a paperboy for the Mississauga News, at McDonald's (his dream job) and as an entrepreneur.

In high school during the golden age of hip hop music, Marc was taught how to disc jockey by his step brother and started his own dj business with friends. He continued with it as a hobby at university and worked in the hip hop section of HMV.

Marc's love of hip hop music remains and is a significant aspect of his appreciation of Snotty Nose Rez Kids - an Indigenous hip hop group who Marc cherishes, has seen in concert and has had guest lecture at his law class. The disc jockey metaphor also applies to Marc's work as a collaborator, where he helps people understand different perspectives by putting "spins" on them to make them easier to hear.

Marc meeting SNRK (June 2022)

Marc was touched by the Little Bird mini-series. He earned a badge on Facebook for supporting the show and created a Spotify playlist featuring many of the powerful songs used in the show based on real-life events of the Sixties Scoop.